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Merci cream is infused with Indian Herbs that has been used from centuries as an antimicrobial agent. It has virgin coconut oil, flower petals, 100% original essential oils and shea butter making it a potent choice to protect your hands, body, nails and cracked heels against dryness.

For extremely dry and cracked skin, it is advised to wash the affected area with mild soap and luke warm water. Massage the affected area with Merci cream at bedtime. Leave it overnight and see the difference.


This cream is super soft with thick consistency. It is super effective to create a protective shield around your skin. It also contains original crushed rose petals.


Geranium Rose

Hand cream:

Merci Cream suits best for healthcare workers who washes their hands frequently. This cream is non sticky, absorbs into the skin really well. Merci Cream has potency to keep your hands soft even after 2-3 hand washes. 

Cracked heels:

True Bliss could also be used for cracked heels. Clean your heels with mild soap and warm water, pat dry and massage your heels with this cream at bedtime. 

Cracked nails:

 Massage Merci Calm over dry and cracked nails. It provides 24 hours protection and locks in the moisture.


Clean the affected area with mild soap and luke warm water. Take very small quantity in your hand. Spread it evenly to the affected areas.

Note: You require very small quantity for effectiveness, 60 grams of container will last you 2 months if you apply it regularly at bedtime and in the morning to your hands or heels. 

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Note: Please consult physician for medicinal use.

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